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Dreamy Bedrooms

Wake Up to Wonder

Nowhere else in the home is the virtue of balance more important than the bedroom. When you end your days and start the next, where do you want your wall art to take you?

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Picture wall with photography prints
Living Room

Gallery Wall

A necessary evil that doesn't necessarily need to be hideous; the beloved TV falls under this rule. We all love them turned on, but when they’re off, they make our visual senses twitch in a bad way.

So, what to do about it? Embrace them! Make a gallery of your wall with the TV as the centrepiece....

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Black and White

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Brand New Limited Edition Collection

You like the unusual.

The quirky. The downright disruptive. That’s the thinking behind our limited edition ranges. We’ll only ever print 50 numbered copies of each size, so you know you’re getting something genuinely special.

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From Above

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Curated by

Babes in Boyland

Stylist Nathalie Myrberg and photographer Matilda Hildingsson are collectively Babes in Boyland - and hugely in demand for their melancholic and poetic images.

We’re super excited they’ve agreed to curate a collection for Kolla - inspired by their moody style and a splash of gut feeling.

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Bathroom Colours

Minimalist Palettes

Colour matching is the gateway to a subdued, balanced interior. Palette pairings can turn an overlooked space into a corner for sanctuary.

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